Membership Application

Pay VACTEA, Virginia ACTE, and ACTE dues. (If you have a pop-up blocker installed, you will need to hold the CTRL key while clicking the registration link.)

Special thanks to our Loyalty Life members

Barry Arey
Sherri Chapman
Thomas Collier III
Daniel Fielding
Jim Gray, Jr.
Dr. Brenda Long
Dr. Emily Richardson
Dr. Richard "Lee" Ross
Elizabeth Russell
Herbe Wittersheim

Loyalty Life
Loyalty Life membership shall be open to any retired career and technical education administrator who was a member of VACTEA during the year of his/her retirement. A one-time fee equivalent to four times the annual membership fee for active members shall cover the loyalty member for life.

Active Membership
The Association shall be open to any individual whose major responsibility is the administration and/or supervision of career and technical education in (1) a career and technical school; (2) public school division; (3) post-secondary institutions; (4) other education and training agencies as defined by the Board.

Associate Membership
Associate membership shall be open to any person interested in career and technical education, but such members shall not have voting privileges.