VACTEA Executive Board Members (2023–2024)

The Executive Board of VACTEA includes the elected officers and representatives from the eight superintendents’ regions of Virginia. The Board meets five or six times per year. All Board meetings are open to the general membership.

Board member terms run from July 1 through June 30.

Board Meeting Schedule:

Aug. 3, 2023; 10am–noon; virtual

Sep. 7, 2023; 10am–noon; virtual

Oct. 2, 2023; 5pm–8pm; Virginia Crossings

Nov. 2, 2023; 10am–noon; virtual

Dec. 7, 2023; 10am–2pm; in-person, TBD

Jan. 10 or 11, 2024; 5pm–8pm; in-person, TBD

Feb. 1, 2024; 10am–noon; virtual

Mar. 1, 2024; 10am–2pm; in-person, TBD

Apr. 4, 2024; 10am–noon; virtual

May 10, 2024; 10am–2pm; in-person, TBD

Dr. Lhe Smith
President-Elect: Danielle Meyer
Dr. Whitney Ketchledge
Secretary: Jessica Dalton
Treasurer: Dr. Cathy Seal
Past-President: Todd Lynn
Public Policy Liaison: Darla Miller
Virginia ACTE Representative: B.K. Walker
Member-at-Large: Vacant
Region I Representative: Kathy Stokes
Region II Representative: Anna Helmer
Region III Representative: Sue Venable-Shelton
Region IV Representative:
Christine Good
Region V Representative: Michael Tetto
Region VI Representative: Jason Suhr
Region VII Representative: Megan Atkinson
Region VIII Representative: Rebecca Saunders
Ex-Officio Members: Dr. Anthony Williams
Director, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, Virginia Department of Education

Kevin P. Reilly
Administrative Coordinator, CTE Resource Center